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Holistic Pet Care: An Integrated Approach

At Belleview Animal Clinic, we offer a truly unique approach to your pet’s care. Although you may find many of the services that we offer at other clinics, the thing that sets us apart is our holistic approach to your pet’s needs. What does that mean? A holistic approach to health considers all aspects of your pet’s care, including physical, emotional, environmental and social needs. All of these components are integrated in the well being of your pet; an imbalance in one area may cause symptoms in another.

Holistic Veterinary Care: Health is About Balance, Not Control

We will assist your pet in the healing process with a large number of holistic and alternative treatment options. When necessary, we provide traditional services such as surgery, dentistry, internal medicine, and emergency care. Our wellness care includes nutrition, herbal therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, flower essences, nutrition and chiropractic care. Each pet has unique needs; after our evaluation, we will work with your requests, budget and lifestyle to create a plan that will be best suited to you and your pet.

See our Client Center for information on what to expect during a veterinary visit.



“New to Belleview and Dr. Jasek... before we came we took our dog to our vet and was basically told there wasn't going to be much hope and that we would probably have to put our 7yr. old down. Days of crying and not wanting to accept that diagnosis we decided to get a second opinion...we came to see Dr. Jasek. So glad we did - she gave us some hope! We have change our dogs diet and are giving him the medication Dr. Jasek prescribed. I have no idea what is in this medication but man all I can say is I WANT SOME! What a difference we have noticed in the past 2 days. Our dog is back to playing, going up and down the stairs (now he can't do the full staircase but can get up to the landing) actually wants to be part of the family again. No more staring off into a different world and walking in circles. Dr Jasek has us seeing an optometrist Thursday to find out what is going on with his eyes...I'm praying it isn't something that we can't treat. I'm thrilled that we seem to have our dog back. Belleview Animal Clinic has 4 new fans/2 new clients...myself, my husband and our two dogs! Glad we found them!”

   — Cathy Gardner Wilson (posted on Facebook)


“Best vet we've ever had (and we've had a lot over the years)! The staff is always warm, welcoming, compassionate, and knowledgable. We appreciate their homeopathic approach - they really treat our pets' overall health and well-being instead of just medicating symptoms with harsh chemicals. We highly recommend Dr. Jasek and her team.”

   — Angelique Jaudon (posted on Facebook)


“Having a choice regarding a holistic path to wellness for my dogs is appreciated!”

   — Julie Feld


“Thank you Dr. Jasek, for your true caring, your patience, your open mind and expertise.”

   — Sandy Arndt